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Food myth: oatmeal is good for you


I often hear people eat oatmeal for breakfast. It’s not because they like it so much, but they have been convinced of the nutritional benefits. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skip breakfast, and you will surely overeat in the evening. Your body needs protein throughout the day. A diet that lacks sufficient protein results in the burning of muscle to heal and repair worn out tissue.

Now let’s look at nutritional facts of the leading oatmeal: (Source: 1/2 cup dry oatmeal, a typical serving, contains 150 calories. That doesn’t sound so bad, unless you consider that almost all of those calories-27 grams, come from carbohydrates (i.e. sugar). The protein content is only 5 grams (I like to see 14 grams each meal). The fiber content is also only 4 grams. Those carbs are enough to give your insulin level a jolt, resulting in fat storage and hunger. What are better breakfast alternatives? I’d go with lean canadian bacon(lean ham), high protein/low carb yogurt, or Egg Beaters/egg whites. You’ll be a lot more full, and boost your metabolism from the protein.

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