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Flax: Plant the Seed for a Healthy Diet


Lately, nutritionists have been re-enforcing the importance of fiber in the diet. Flax (or flaxseed) is a wonder food when it comes to adding fiber. It is full of the lignans, B vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids that help us fight cancer, diabetes and cholesterol.

This highly nutritious food comes in an oil form and as a supplement in some foods, but the easiest way to start eating it is in its ground, dry form. It is usually ground up to around the consistency of ground coffee. The flax has a gentle, nutty taste that doesn’t add bitterness or too much flavor to what you’re adding it to. Try flax in your cereal, in meatloaf, in muffins or even in cookies. For a double dose of nutrition, make fresh pasta sauce and add some flax seed right into the simmering sauce. It won’t add anything but fiber and vitamins.

Flax seed can be eaten regularly as part of a healthy diet. Keep it in the kitchen with a small scoop and make a point of adding to appropriate home cooked meals as often as possible.

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