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Five Weight Loss Tips for Teens


Teens that are overweight have a higher chance of being overweight as adults. They also have a higher risk of obesity-related illnesses later in life. It can be tough to lose weight, but with a little commitment and effort it can be accomplished. Try out our tips below to help with your weight loss plan.

  1. Make exercise and eating healthy a family affair. Ask your parents to go biking or running with you. Offer to cook dinner one night a week, and make healthy, low-fat meals.
  2. Try biking or walking to school. The calories you burn can help you lose weight and stay fit. If you live too far from school to bike or walk, try to get out and be active after you get home in the afternoons.
  3. Check into after school activities that will get your teen physically active. There are a wide variety of activities out there. You can find classes in Phoenix for dance, Tae Bo, and even boxing.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. This is a surefire way to find disappointment. Each of us is unique, and we all look different. Instead of thinking that you want to be as thin as someone you know, think instead that you want to be the healthiest, most fit, version of yourself that you can be.
  5. Try packing your lunch. When you eat school lunches or leave campus to eat fast food it is difficult to control the food that you have access to. By bringing your own lunch from home, you can assure that you have a fresh and healthy meal available.
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