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Five Healthy Foods You Can Serve at a Party


Parties are a time to socialize and relax while enjoying snacks. When you are planning a party, it is easier to head over the junk food aisle and pick up bags of chips and grab some soda bottles. Instead of giving your guests snacks loaded with sugar and salt, try these healthy and nutritious options:

Fruit and Cheese

Lay out a variety of cheeses for your guests to sample. Not only do they taste great, but they also give you the calcium that you need. Hard cheeses like cheddar are high in calcium but also fat, so use sparingly. Add in some soft cheeses like brie for a lighter taste. Fruits such as strawberries, apples, and grapes provide a boost of vitamins.


When deciding what dip to choose, go for the salsa. A couple of tablespoons of salsa has only ten calories, so guests can eat away. Tomatoes, peppers, and lime, which are the main ingredients in salsa, are loaded with vitamins and fiber.

Mixed Nuts

Nuts are a great crunchy snack to set out on the party table. Nuts contain a ton of protein that keeps you full. Some mixed nut blends also have sunflower and pumpkin seeds, which are full of important vitamins. Be wary of any mixes that are honey-roasted. That means they are covered in sugar.


Up the wow factor by serving fresh sushi to your guests. The fish inside contain healthy omega-3s, which promote heart health. The seaweed wrap has minerals from the ocean. Try to avoid sushi made with cream cheese or fried in tempura batter.

Red Wine

Instead of offering soda or beer, grab a few bottles of red wine for your guests. Red wine contains polyphenol, which is good for the heart. Dry wine also has fewer calories than the sweeter types. You can also have some wine spritzers on hand for a lighter taste.

A party does not need to turn into a junk food feast. Look for healthy snacks that offer nutritional value rather than fat and salt. Your guests will appreciate having any of these tasty, healthy treats at your next event.

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