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Finding the Best Fall Superfoods


Pumpkin spice seems to have the monopoly on fall food items. From lattes to cheesecake to beer, pumpkin spice is on just about every menu, drive through and gourmet eatery alike. Pumpkins have always been a fall staple, but how many of those favorite seasonal items actually contain a trace of pumpkin? Probably a lot fewer than you’d originally think!

For some reason, fall has been taken over by seasonal eats that don’t actually reflect the natural splendor that comes with the fall weather. Instead, these pumpkin spice treats are typically filled with artificial flavors and no small amount of sugar to capture the seasonal flavors that you have come to expect. There are plenty of amazing superfoods that are naturally in season during this time of year, and instead of being packed with fats and sugars, these superfoods are loaded with vitamins and minerals that your body needs to thrive.

Instead of heading for another pumpkin spice donut or coffee, consider swapping out your treat for one of these natural seasonal eats:

  • Apples: Not all superfoods have to be exotic or unheard of. Sometimes the healthiest treat is the one you’ve had all along. But to maximize the benefits of the antioxidants and 4 grams of fiber per serving, skip the pie. If you want warm apples, try heating them up in your oven and baking them whole.
  • Brussels sprouts: Another oldie but goodie, Brussels sprouts have a bad reputation for no reason at all. Their mild flavor makes for a great side dish when cooked up with accompanying flavors, like dried cranberries (another fall favorite).
  • Parsnips: They look like white carrots, but have a flavor and purpose all their own. This is a great addition to soups or accompanying flavor to potato dishes, and are rich in both potassium and fiber.
  • Pears: A classic that is all too often overlooked, pears are a delicious and succulent fruit that are bursting with flavor and are great baked, just like the apples. They are also loaded with vitamin C and another 4 grams of fiber per serving.

When you start a medical weight loss program, you learn that losing weight isn’t about crash diets and food fads, but instead is about making fundamental healthy changes to your diet. Keep your healthy intentions in mind this fall season by skipping the classic fall treats and opting for these healthy seasonal superfoods instead.

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