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Each New Year, many people throughout the Scottsdale and Phoenix area try to lose weight and make healthier choices. Here are some of the best changes you can incorporate into a medical weight loss program to achieve success.

  1. Plan to succeed: Weight loss success is easier if you make plans to facilitate success. If you have a habit of eating calorie-laden foods because they are convenient, fill your home with healthy alternatives instead. If you are a social eater, plan activities with friends that do not revolve around food.
  2. Get plenty of rest. Studies indicate a lack of sleep has a serious impact on hormones, appetite and energy levels. If you get fewer than 7 hours sleep each night, additional sleep can improve your odds at achieving your weight loss goals.
  3. Mistakes happen. Everybody slips up once in a while. Let yourself be human, but get back on track as soon as possible. Don’t let a minor slip be the excuse for abandoning your weight loss program.
  4. Incorporate one change at a time. Many people make the mistake of trying to overhaul all their bad habits at once. Instead, focus on changing one bad habit at a time.
  5. Focus on brightly colored vegetables and fruits along with brown whole grains. Strive to create a diet that resembles a rainbow, complimented by brown.
  6. Create relaxing, low-calorie evening traditions. Unwind with flavored or herbal no-calorie tea or a “virgin” cocktail.
  7. Replace forkfuls with fork half-fuls. Putting less food on your fork will help you eat less, eat more slowly, and enjoy your food.
  8. Eliminate distractions. Avoid multitasking while you eat. Focus on your food and leave the television, reading and driving for later.
  9. Avoid cravings. Rather than cave in, find alternatives that provide a distraction. Brush your teeth, chew gum, drink calorie-free tea, or take a quick walk to distract yourself.
  10. Stop eating before you are full. Stop eating when you are at a “5” on a hunger scale of 1-10. This controls your portion sizes without the work of measuring.

No matter what tips you incorporate in working to lose weight, medical weight loss is achievable and small changes add up to significant results.

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