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Exercise Cuts Risk of Disease


According to a recent study, exercise can increase your life expectancy and decrease your risk of death. The study followed 400,000 people over an average period of eight years. While current recommendations advise adults to participate in physical activity for at least 1.5 hours every week, this new study indicates that just 15 minutes a day can provide benefits. In conjunction with a medical weight loss program, the findings may encourage more people to add even small amounts of exercise into their daily routines.

The study participants were divided into five groups: very high physical activity, high physical activity, medium physical activity, low exercise level, and inactive. The individuals in the low physical exercise group participated in physical activity for less than 15 minutes a day (or 92 minutes per week). Compared to the inactive group, the individuals in the low physical activity category were found to have a 14% reduced risk of dying for any reason, a longer life expectancy, and a 10% reduced risk of dying from cancer.

The study revealed that every extra 15 minutes of daily physical activity beyond the 15 minutes daily baseline produced a four percent less likely risk of dying from any cause and a one percent less likely risk of dying from cancer. The researchers also reported that these positive benefits of low levels of exercise were seen in both women and men and in all age groups.

Health professionals, including Phoenix medical weight loss program specialists, encourage individuals to participate in at least a minimal amount of physical activity on most days of the week.

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