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Losing weight or maintaining your achieved weight-loss goal is going to be an ongoing journey. Weight management requires a conscientious level of attention to daily habits and overall lifestyle. If you’re determined to win the continuous struggle with your weight, there are several strategies you can follow to help you in your efforts.

  1. Weigh yourself daily, preferably at about the same time each day. This may seem somewhat obsessive, but it’s the only way you can keep track of which direction you are heading. Changes of 1 or 2 pounds aren’t critical, but they may alert you to a trend which you can address early.
  2. Whether you’re trying to lose or to maintain your weight, keep track of your fat intake. A certain amount of fat is essential to the healthy functioning of your body, so don’t strive for elimination. Be particularly wary of the saturated fat in any foods you eat. Fruits, vegetable and whole grains are still your best nutritional bet.
  3. Start each meal with a full glass of water. It will hydrate you and help fill you up before you begin your calorie intake. Employing this practice can help you avoid a significant number of calories at mealtime.
  4. Don’t skip meals. This is a practice that can backfire by making you ravenously hungry later on, causing you to binge snack or overeat at your next meal. Maintaining regular energy input will keep you satisfied and in control.
  5. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register your food intake. Eat slowly enough to give your brain the time it needs to turn off the hunger switch. If you feel full, you’ve probably already eaten too much.
  6. When it comes to food, plan ahead. Purchase the groceries for your meals in advance so you know what you’ll be eating. When dining out, check the menu online to see which choices make the most sense. Don’t wait until you arrive hungry and decide on the richest, most calorie-laden menu selection.
  7. Keep a regular food journal. If you track your meals, and see a shift in your weight, you may be able to spot diet-busting trends in the foods you’ve been eating.
  8. Processed foods are often the biggest culprits when it comes to hidden fat, calories, sugar, salt and other calorie bombs. Eat as close to nature as you can, as often as you can.
  9. Plain is the order of the day for most foods. Vegetables are best raw or steamed. Sauces, frying and buttery preparations can destroy most of the benefits you would have gained by eating vegetables in the first place.

Above all, when considering your eating habits, remember that good food is one of the great pleasures of life. Don’t deprive yourself of every delicious meal or tempting dessert. Moderation truly is the key to your healthy, happy weight. Make good choices, not Spartan choices, and you will have no trouble achieving and maintaining your goals.

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