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Diet Support Brings Results


Weight loss is a difficult challenge to face alone. Using a diet buddy, support group, or joining an online weight loss forum can increase your chances of meeting your weight loss goals.

How can diet support bring results?

  1. Create accountability partners. Working with a diet buddy, either one on one or in a group setting, can make it easier to stay on track with diet and exercise programs than if you’re working on willpower alone. You can report to each other on a daily or weekly basis about what you’re eating, whether you’re cheating, and how much physical activity you’ve engaged in.
  2. Create social support. Diet buddies can be a workout partner or a support in social situations that center around food. It can be difficult to face a new gym or holiday party as a beginning dieter.
  3. Reinforce long-term weight loss. Research shows that meeting weekly with a facilitated support group contributes to diet success even after you’ve reached your goal weight. Joining a weight loss group can help you make permanent changes that are critical to long-term weight loss.
  4. Find like-minded people. People who struggle with weight issues often have similar problems that other non-overweight people in their lives don’t have. It can be extremely encouraging to talk with someone who understands firsthand what you’re dealing with.

Working with a partner or group isn’t mandatory if you want to lose weight, but many people find that it makes a difficult process easier and more fun.

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