Cooking Without Salt


Salt is easily the most popular seasoning around, and it is in every home and restaurant kitchen imaginable. It is a cheap, simple way to enhance the taste of almost any food. Salt does have its drawbacks though, especially for those attempting to lose weight, who are battling hypertension, or who are undergoing medically assisted weight loss.

Learning how to cook good, tasty food without salt is not that challenging. Instead, use fresh herbs to liven up your dishes. Herbs like cilantro, dill, rosemary and thyme can really pack a tasty punch and help you forget all about the salt you are no longer using. Even fresh parsley can make a big difference–especially if you are used to dried parsley. And don’t forget about the power of garlic. With just one clove of garlic or a squeeze of lemon juice, you won’t even notice the lack of salt for all the flavors you taste.

Dried seasoning can also assist you in creating tasty dishes that don’t call for salt. When using dried seasonings, be careful to read the ingredients to make sure they do not contain salt or have high levels of sodium. Some mixed seasonings may also contain spicy flavors that can aggravate heartburn. Instead, try to veer away from loud, spicy seasonings.

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