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Why an exercise partner can be so valuable during weight loss in Chandler and Scottsdale

Though we’ve already told you how important friends can be during medical weight loss in Chandler and Scottsdale, you may be wondering how best to take advantage of your social circle’s many benefits. After all, not everyone you know will share your weight loss goals, nor will they all be effective motivators (even with the best intentions).

Friends can turn a frown to a smile and help you vent your frustrations as they walk beside you on the path to better health. As you lose weight in Chandler and Scottsdale, the most valuable ally will be one who offers you encouragement every step of the way: a workout partner.

The Boon of Burning Calories with a Buddy

Working out with others can have many benefits. Group workouts can increase the intensity of your efforts, helping you push yourself harder due to the competition and encouragement of having someone else along for the ride. Because of the social element added by an exercise buddy, conversation may distract you from the effort you’re exerting to make every workout feel more like fun and less like a humdrum chore.

When you feel unmotivated to exercise, your buddy can get you up and moving out the door. When you need a spotter or some help with a new exercise technique, your buddy can lend a hand. You and your buddy can learn from each other and the experiences you share, growing stronger together.

However, not everyone makes the perfect workout partner. Your first instinct may be to call your best friend to arrange a killer cardio session, but our nearest and dearest aren’t always the most prudent choices. When looking for a buddy, you should try to find someone with these attributes:

  • A similar fitness level. A much fitter buddy can teach you a great deal about exercise, but the gap that separates you may quickly become problematic. Look for someone with exercise ambitions that reflect your own.
  • A motivating attitude. Our best friends can be poor fitness partners because they’re often unwilling to call us out when we aren’t doing our best. Find a partner devoted enough to fitness that he or she will not accept hollow excuses or bail on your workout plans. Your partner should be able to encourage and compete with you without being mean, condescending or ineffectual.
  • A manageable schedule. To exercise together, you’ll need to find times that work for both of you. Be sure that your buddy has a schedule that will be compatible with your own. He or she should also be flexible and understanding enough to deal with unforeseeable circumstances—and so should you.

The importance of friends during weight loss cannot be understated, and workout buddies have benefits that make them especially valuable. How have friends helped you lose weight in Chandler and Scottsdale? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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