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Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season does not have to be a time of dread for you. This year you can side-step the weight management challenges many of us face at this time of year. Robert Ziltzer, MD and Craig Primack, MD have put together your holiday cheat sheet with easy steps to guide you through the festive season without weight gain. Download your copy now!

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Is Junk Food Marketing Causing Obesity?

As it turns out, food ads may play a huge role in obesity. A new German research study demonstrates that looking at pictures of salty or sweet foods (such as Viennese Schnitzel, ice cream or pizza) causes an increase in grehlin, a hunger hormone. Pictures of pianos, bikes or shoes did not have the same effect. This is the first time pictures of junk food pictures have been shown to cause immediate adversity. So we should take notice!

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How I eat pizza

Chronic dieters are caught in a world of extremes. At times, they either are dieting, trying to be "perfect" and losing weight. At other times, they have no plan, and frequently overeat. At these times, they use overly judgmental statements such as "I'm being bad today." I am not a fan of this type of "on or off" thinking. Life is more of a dimmer than an "on-off switch." A colleague of mine uses the concept of dimmer thinking to manage living in moderation. How then does a Scottsdale Weight Loss Center doctor eat pizza?