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Uphill Battle for Obese Kids

Obesity can be a result of dealing with life conditions, good or bad, by turning to food. But, what if the person in question is a child, without the self-awareness to understand the external problems that may be leading to obesity? It takes a sensitive and qualified professional to guide children towards understanding and altering their eating and exercise habits.

Tips for Dealing with Anger

Whether you try to deny the feeling or not, everyone becomes angry at one point or another. As you begin to become healthier and follow weight loss plans in Chandler, it is very important that you focus on achieving whole-body wellness. This means accepting emotions that you wish to hide and learning ways to cope with your stress as well as feelings like sadness or anger.

10 Habits to Enhance your Weight Loss Efforts

Losing weight is incredibly difficult. For many people, excess weight develops over the course of years as a result of poor dietary habits and decreased exercise. In order to lose weight, it is important to address these poor habits that have contributed to your weight gain and replace them with healthier, more sustainable lifestyle habits. If you are having trouble losing weight on your own, then speaking to a specialist at a weight loss clinic may be the missing step in between you and your weight loss goal.

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Nutrients for Your Child

Every parent wants their children to be healthy and have an optimally functioning body. Few aspects of a child’s life will have a more profound effect on their well-being than their diet. Unfortunately, there are numerous vital nutrients that many children fail to consume in adequate amounts.

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Childhood Obesity and High Blood Pressure

Hypertension has historically been an issue that affects adults. Complications from high blood pressure can result in serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke. Early detection through regular physical examinations and preventing the disease by living a healthy lifestyle contribute to lowering and maintaining optimal blood pressure levels. An issue of greater concern is that children are increasingly being diagnosed with hypertension, likely a result of rising rates of obesity among children. Parents and professionals who work with children have recognized this connection between obesity and hypertension, and are beginning to focus on weight loss in Chandler.

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Benefits of a Family Fitness Program

While running has long been a popular exercise for people participating in weight loss plans in Chandler, you might be surprised to find out that more and more kids are lacing up their running shoes and joining mom and dad for a jog. Running is not only an excellent way to achieve weight loss in Chandler; it is also a fun way to build a family bond. Some families will train together for races, and it’s not uncommon to see races with special events just for kids.

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Losing Weight over the Holidays

Losing weight during the holidays is a tough task. Medical weight loss in Chandler is one way to melt away the pounds during this time of the year. While diet and weight loss in Chandler is possible during the holidays, it will take discipline to keep to that diet during the season of sweets and treats. Here are a few important tips to prevent weight gain during the holiday season:

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