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Accepting Responsibility for Your Weight Loss Actions


One of the best ways to ensure your weight loss success is to accept responsibility for the decisions you make. When you’re honest with yourself about the progress and mistakes you’ve made, you allow yourself to think objectively about them. This isn’t always comfortable, but it does allow you to effectively evaluate your actions and commit to avoiding the same mistakes in the future.

If you play the blame game with your weight loss, you’re likely to make excuses that hold no one accountable. Without accountability, you give yourself a constant excuse to fail, which makes weight loss success almost impossible to achieve.

Ways to Accept Responsibility

Accepting responsibility for your actions is easy-in theory. You simply review your actions and own up to them. The problem with this is that it often leaves you with a sense of guilt that can be hard to face.

Part of accountability is forgiveness. You have to forgive yourself in order to move forward on your weight loss journey. Feeling guilty and beating yourself up about decisions you’ve made will only hold you back.

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