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Change can be scary, especially when you aren’t sure where the change is taking you. Even though you know your weight loss lifestyle change is going to bring you to a great place, not being able to see that place might have you quaking in your boots a little.

When you have faith in yourself, it makes the journey of change you are on a little easier. Why have faith in yourself? You have already made great strides on your path to wellness, and the work you have put in up to this point is something other people can only imagine. You have done amazing work, and should feel proud of yourself for all you have accomplished.

You are not the same person that was nervous in the doctor’s office at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center and wondering what it would be like not to eat too much anymore. Your strength and determination to have a better life for yourself got you through that fear and it will get you through this fear. With every sip from your water bottle and every small meal remind yourself how far you’ve come and how amazing you are.

You deserve to have faith in yourself, and that faith will help you through the tough times into the place where you can embrace and be excited about the changes happening in your life.

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