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5 Tips On Staying Motivated While Working Out


It can be hard to stay motivated when you start a new exercise routine–but it isn’t impossible. Here are five great tips for staying on track:

If you are feeling bored with your routine, change it up. It is good to vary your exercise routine from time to time. Your body will like the challenge and it can keep things from seeming like a chore.

Partner up with someone to add accountability. If you find you are slacking off on exercise, try finding someone else to share it with. Walking or lifting weights together is so much more fun than doing it solo. Plus, you won’t want to let them down.

Treat yourself when you reach a milestone. If your goal was to walk a half mile–reward yourself with a non-food treat like a manicure or a massage when you accomplish the task. It will help keep you going if you know there is something at the end of it all.

Try something new. You don’t have to sign up for a Yoga session, but taking one class will give you the opportunity to see if you might like it. Keep trying new things until you find one you like.

Give five minutes a try. If you are feeling unmotivated, tell yourself you will do five minutes and then see if you want to keep going. You will get a little activity in–and you just might want to keep going.

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