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5 Benefits of Water Aerobics


Water aerobics is the perfect exercise for weight loss if you want a low-impact activity that’s fun as well. Because water aerobics puts less pressure on the body than other forms of exercise, it is the ideal physical therapy for pregnant women and seniors. Water aerobics offers cardiovascular, muscular, and weight loss benefits, in addition to keeping your bones and joints healthy.

  1. Cardiovascular – Aerobic exercise helps to maintain and improve good cardiovascular health, and water aerobics falls into this category. It helps to strengthen your heart and therefore reduces your chance of developing coronary heart disease.
  2. Weight Loss – Water aerobics classes in Chandler, Arizona are a great way to carry out a weight management plan. Since water aerobics puts little stress on the body, it’s often tolerated better by people who are obese than more jarring exercises, like running.
  3. Muscular – As with any type of aerobic exercise, water aerobics increases both blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. Not only does water aerobics focus on large muscles, but it gives both your upper and lower body a workout.
  4. Physical Therapy – People who have had surgery, suffered an illness, or have arthritis find that water aerobics is a safe form of physical therapy. Because it is low impact, people with arthritis find that it can help with their stiffness and pain. For those recovering from a surgery or illness, water aerobics is a gentle and safe way to restore range of motion and flexibility.
  5. Bones and Joints – Water aerobics helps to keep your joints limber, and is therefore an ideal physical activity for senior citizens. When combined with weights, water aerobics can reduce your risk of developing bone fractures.
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