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4 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving


Turkey day is almost here.

There’s mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry jam, pie, and lots of alcohol. If we only eat the turkey, we would all be ok as far as our weight and diet go. But that’s never the case.

We Tend to Eat More with More People

Studies have shown that if you eat by yourself, you eat a normal amount. But, if you eat with another person, you will eat about 35% more. With 7 or more people, you could consume 96% more food. Most of us, if not all, will be eating with 7 or more persons sometime this holiday season! So, we recommend going to Thanksgiving with a plan.

4 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

  1. Treat Yourself to Your Favorite Food. Stick to the turkey and vegetables. But also treat yourself to a small portion of your favorite Thanksgiving food. For some it’s stuffing, for others, it’s apple pie. Allow yourself to have a small taste of your favorite food and avoid all the other less “healthy” foods.
  2. Don’t Skip a Meal. Eat a good breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving. Skipping lunch guarantees you’ll be hungry at the holiday dinner. It almost ensures that you won’t make healthy choices.
  3. More After Dinner. If the weather is nice, go for a walk after dinner to help your body process the carbohydrate ate.
  4. Giveaway Leftovers. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, buy some disposable Tupperware. As guests begin to leave say, “please take some home or I will throw it all away.” If you are going to someone else’s home, don’t take any food home. If you feel guilty, take it and throw it away when you get home. Or find a good place to donate all the leftovers.

No One is Perfect

Even if you aren’t perfect this year, remember, there will be another Thanksgiving next year. Remember how you did it last year? Do it a little better this year. Do it a little better next year and a little bit better after that.

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