10 Ways to Exercise with Your Kids


When children engage in physical activity with their parents, they learn habits that will serve them well for life. If you are trying to lose weight, bring the whole family on board with these activities that are fun for everyone:

  1. Make a walk after dinner a daily family ritual. This can be a great chance to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains and desert around Scottsdale, and to talk about your day.
  2. Turn commercial breaks into two minute dance parties. Mute the TV, turn on some tunes, jump out of your chairs and dance. The brief bits of physical activity are good for you, and your kids will love the silliness.
  3. Make your daily tasks more active. When out with your kids, park far from the store or use the stairs instead of the elevator to get in more exercise.
  4. Make chores into a game. Have contests to see who can put away toys most quickly. Speed mop to get the exercise necessary for your medical weight loss program.
  5. Dance with your kids. Dancing is great cardiovascular exercise. Pick up a kids’ music and dance DVD if you are having trouble coming up with moves.
  6. Walk the dog together. Fido needs exercise, too! You can teach your child the responsibility of caring for a pet, and at the same time you get a needed workout.
  7. Team up with your kids in the garden. Raking, pulling weeds and planting seeds are great exercise for you to share together.
  8. Wash the car together. This is a great way to make chores fun! Be productive while bonding with your kids, and get a clean car out of it!
  9. Join a charity walk together. You and your child can raise money for a good cause while getting fit.
  10. Have a weekly game night. Toss a ball, ride bikes or go roller skating.
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