Dan: 90 lbs Weight Loss

Dan weight loss success

Q and A session with Dan Smith, November’s Patient of the Month who recently shed 90 lbs.

SWLC staff: What made you decide to make a change?

Dan: It was over Christmas in 2010 when I was visiting my family. I was catching up with my sister Christmas Eve night and was taken back at how great she looked! So I asked, “What gives?” She said that she had made a goal for herself that before her 50th birthday rolled she was going to be in the best shape of her life and to me she was. That’s when I realized I needed to stop with the yo-yo diets and got on a program that works.

SWLC Staff: I know we joke around about how much you golf but, has your golf swing improved any?

Dan: No! But I can run a ten minute mile! In fact, I just hiked Camelback Mountain over and back in just over two hours. Not many people can say they’ve made it all the way around that one before. When I was overweight I used take water bottles and it was my big hike to go around the golf course in Papago Park; now I can run around it twice.

SWLC Staff: What keeps you healthy and motivated?

Dan: Besides the dramatic weight loss I have experienced on this program the greatest lasting effect is the knowledge that I have learned from the classes that I have taken. I have received so much information from the professionals that I no longer crave the “unwanted” foods that I used to crave and I’ve gotten very good at learning how to control portion sizes, which is something I never got from ANY other diet. I love to exercise. I sleep better at night! I feel great and confident. I found a program that keeps me in check. I can honestly say that I’m at a weight that I haven’t been at since I was 21.

Dan: 90 lbs Weight Loss

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